Teacher Gifts

Even though the kids were not at their new school for very long, they both really seemed to excel. My son, won two awards one for academics and one for attitude – not sure about this attitude award, he must be more pleasant at school 🙂

My daughter was shy at the beginning but towards the end of school she really started opening up. I think that they both have made some good friends.

Since we were only at the new school for a couple of months I still wanted to make the teachers something small for helping with the kids transition to the new school. I always have a had time thinking of things to make teachers, since knitting is mostly for winter things. Anyway, when we were at the market here in Uxbridge I say that a woman was selling handmade soap. I thought that would make a good gift. I also made them a couple facecloths to go with the soap.

Since I didn’t have any cotton yarn to make the facecloths I went to the yarn store here to find some – another excuse to familiarize myself with the new yarn store 🙂

I purchase 2 balls of the cotton yarn that they have for making dishcloths and I was able to make 5 facecloths. I think that they turned out pretty good. Something small to say thank you for helping my kids adjust to the new school environment.

Teacher Gifts

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