My First Steeking Project

Baby Blanket I have been admiring the Baby Blanket Latvian Garden for over a year. I have always wanted to knit it, but didn’t know what yarn to knit it in. While talking to another knitter friend she suggested Knit Picks Palette yarn. So one night when I couldn’t sleep I went shopping for some yarn online. Gotta love the fact that you can buy yarn at any hour of the day!! 🙂

I also ordered yarn for the rams and yowes blanket, which I can’t wait to start!!! But more on that another day. I wasn’t expecting the yarn to get here so quickly, but it only took a week. Which was very good, because I was very excited to start this project.

I really enjoyed knitting this blanket, it was really enjoyable and quick. My tension did change from the beginning of the blanket to the end. However since this is really my first big fair isle project, I think that it turn out terrific (if I do say so myself).

Baby BlanketIf, well maybe I should say when, I knit this project again, I would do the math calculations to figure out how many stitches I should cast on to make the project symmetrical. I know it isn’t a big deal, but I am a person who like order and i would like it to look the same on either side of the blanket.

Baby BlanketNot only was this my first big fair isle project, it was also my first steeking project. If you aren’t into knitting (who wouldn’t be??) then steeking is when you knit the project in a tube and then cut it to make it flat. I decided to go with the crochet method for reinforcing the steek. Which means that I ran a single crochet row down either side of the steek before cutting it.

Baby BlanketThank goodness this project didn’t take too long, because that made me not so nervous when cutting it. But as you can see the blanket hasn’t fallen apart yet. I will feel better when I have a backing put on it.  I haven’t found the perfect material for that yet. I don’t even know if I know where to buy fabric. Once I add the backing I will be sure to add some more pictures.

Now Back of Baby BlanketI can’t really wait to start the rams and yowes project!! I think that I might be addicted to fair isle!!! 🙂

P.S. The left is a picture of what the blanket looks like from the back

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